Have you ever wanted to do a small IT task using your computer but all your effort rendered futile? You did not succeed and you wished if an IT guy were available just to guide you and take away the stress. Take heart for DIYOTE has come for your rescue. DIYOTE(Do It your Self Tech) is a blog containing IT articles that are written in a way that the readers will easily follow them and do it for themselves. Our IT or  tech articles are written in simple language and easy to follow instructions that make technology simple to the laymen.

Information Technology techniques ranges from simple tasks that require little knowledge in IT to complex tasks that require IT experts. For simple tasks you just need to read our tech articles and you will be able to accomplish them. DIYOTE will definitely make you an expert which will save your resources. You have all the resources like computer and Internet and you real feel that you do not need an IT experts, never mind because DIYOTE is here for you to simplify these IT tasks by guiding you through simple steps outlined in our articles. You just need to follow and keep checking our latest articles and your IT need will be sorted out.


youtube subscribers-Diyote

How to hide YouTube channel subscribers

Hiding YouTube subscribers is a new trick that is currently being employed by quite a number of YouTube creators. This is simply a ...
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How to use WhatsApp on your computer using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Messenger is an open source mobile application popularly installed in Android, Apple among other mobile platforms . The instant messaging application well ...
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How to make a screen shot of your computer in two simple ways

Screen shots are simply images created by capturing either the entire or sections of a computer screen. They are a very important tool ...
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Google-Maps Pin diyote

How to share a Google pin of your location on Google maps

Google pin is a great tool from Google Maps which  has become one of the popular web mapping platform in the world. Google ...
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Items on computer desktop

Eight Items contained on a computer desktop

Computer desktop is your work area on which program and files icons are located. It is basically a work space where you can ...
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what happens when you switch on a computer

What happens when you power on a computer

It is useful to understand what happens behind the scenes when you switch on your computer from an idle machine to an operable ...
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How to login to gmail

How to login to Gmail account in simple steps

It is of no doubt that Gmail is one of the leading email service in the world as far as electronic mail is ...
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four important things to consider before live streaming

Four important things to consider before live streaming

Did you recently hear about a well known and an influential media personality who was messed up by his background when on live ...
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tech articles, Advantages of Videos

Six Advantages of Videos as a Tool of Marketing

For a longer time I thought videos were only meant for fun or inspiration as seen in music and movies or perhaps the ...
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2 Easy ways to prevent hacking of your FB account

    Have your Facebook account ever been hacked? Or ever heard about a hacked FB account? To many this sound like a rhetoric ...
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