Did you recently hear about a well known and an influential media personality who was messed up by his background when on live meeting in his house? It was such a bad embarrassment that really costed his reputation. His die heart fans who were equally embarrassed and annoyed by the mess of this personality house which was in a bad mess. This was a big lesson for us to learn especially those who do live video streaming like in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,YouTube,zoom among others.

Do not just woke up and start live streaming either in Facebook or in other platforms but prepare well and take a few considerations, remember your audience are over the world and how well you are organized for the occasion will build their trust, like your streaming and be very eager to wait for the next live streaming. We are in a season where people are working from home, conducting live church services and meetings, conducting online interviews. Quite a big number of people are trying this online technology for their first time hence need to consider the following.

1.Mind your background

This is your scene behind you or your surrounding from where the video is being taken. When the video camera is focused on you, whatever else is seen on the screen can be termed as your background.

Arrange your scene well and make it neat. Make sure that whatever that is on focus is what you really want or that which cannot embarrass you. If for instance you are at the table room, make sure that it is arranged neatly, for example lets tables and seats look well arranged and clothes are not scattered any how. It is a wise idea to avoid kitchen and bedrooms as your scene for live streaming. Prefer boardrooms ,conference rooms or any other available meant for such occasions to kitchen and bedrooms or rooms that you treat as private.

Let your family, friends or people with which you might be sharing the rooms or the house know that you will be live streaming from a certain room and a certain time. This will not only keep them off from your background but will also give you an ample time for the task free from interruptions.

Make sure also that your background is free from noise , since your audience need to hear a clear sound as you speak.

2.Decent attire

There have been many cases recently during live meetings where the members appeared indecent. The worst cases being some of them appearing naked during live sessions. This is such a big embarrassment that has forced sessions of those participants being terminated and meetings and live streaming interrupted and unfortunately some ended abruptly. Avoid attire that you wear in private places and wear as you would in public places. Remember the camera takes you to public viewing . You will be visible to your followers , fans all over the world. You are not in private but in public viewing and therefore dress decently and prepare in advance for the session.

3.Technical preparation

Many people have been frustrated by technical hitches during live streaming and online meetings simply because they don’t prepare well and in advance for the sessions. For technicalities make sure that the following among others are well set.


Make sure your laptops are adequately charged if not fully charged. You can also plug them to main power supply sockets just to be sure everything is okay. Make also sure that your camera batteries are also well charged and have back ups . For desktop computers, it is wise to have UPS to ensure that power is not interrupted during outages. Some live sessions are that crucial such that power backups like generators would be necessary just in case the main power goes out.

b) Technical know how

Familiarize yourself with the software or the platforms that you will be using. Don’t try or learn things during the real meeting or session but learn prior to. For example if the meeting will be on zoom , try learn how meeting through this platform is done. If perhaps its on Facebook learn in advance how Facebook live streaming is conducted. You can also seek the help of IT experts if challenged.

c)Internet connection

Make sure your Internet connection is reliable. If using bundles from mobile companies make sure they are enough for the task. This will enhance the clarity and quality of your videos being streamed. Strong Internet will also eliminate buffering and obscurity of the streams.

4.Quality video

Video quality is very crucial as far as streams are concerned. A quality video is more appealing ,interesting and has clarity. It also build your reputation,attract new funs who later transform to your die heart followers. Mostly this will be determined by the quality of cameras or webcam in use in case of laptops. Buy quality cameras for your live streaming.

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