Hiding YouTube subscribers is a new trick that is currently being employed by quite a number of YouTube creators. This is simply a setting from YouTube that makes the number of people who have subscribed to a YouTube channel invisible. With this setting, you only see the number of views of a certain content but not subscriptions for that particular channel, for example views for a song, tutorial, sermons among many other types of YouTube content.

The intentions for hiding YouTube subscribers varies and solely depend on the decision of channel owners. The hiding ranges from channel that are very famous with a notable number of subscribers to upcoming channels that have not yet gained many subscribers or them that are not yet popular. But what are some of the reasons that could make a YouTube creators hide subscribers of his/her channel?

Possible reasons that would make one hide YouTube channel subscribers

  • When the channel is young

A young channel has only a few number of subscribers since has started growing. Some people will just shy away or will be reluctant to be associated with such young channel, they will see it as not popular hence will not be quick to subscriber. Hiding subscribers for such is a wise idea since viewers will not know whether it is young or old.

  • When the channel has many subscribers

Such channel will be termed as already grown and popular and the viewers notion will be that it already have enough . Viewers with such notion will not be quick to subscribe hence hiding subscribers from them will automatically encourage them to subscriber.

. Avoid being the topic of the day

I have seen another category of creators who will hide their subscribers just to avoid unnecessary pressure of praise and from people who always want to know how much they earn from YouTube. To keep off people from speculating things of their channels and who make them the talk of the day, they prefer hiding subscribers

Step by step hiding your YouTube subscribers

  1. Log in into your Gmail account and visit YouTube.com on the same browser. See our guide on How to login to Gmail account in simple steps
  2. Click on the account image on your top right of the screen
  3. Youtube account-Diyote
  4. click YouTube studio

Youtube studio- Diyote

4.click setting on the dashboard options on your left of the screen

setting option - Diyote

5.click channel

channel option-Diyote

6.Click advanced settings option . Scroll down until you get subscriber count option. To hide subscribers, uncheck the check box and save your changes

advanced option- Diyote

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