It is of no doubt that Gmail is one of the leading email service in the world as far as electronic mail is concerned. one is required to login to Gmail account in order to access this free service which is offered by Google.

In order to Login to Gmail account, you need to have an account with Google. Creating a Gmail account is quite simple and takes less time. See our guide on how to create a gmail account.

To Login to Gmail account, start any browser of your choice and type gmail at the search bar as shown in the image below and press enter or click the arrow on the right of your search bar.

How to login to Gmail account

Various Gmail urls will appear as shown below. Choose the option Sign in- Google Accounts as shown in the image below to be directed to the login page where you will be required to enter your email address.

In the login page , enter your email address and press enter. You will be directed to a page where to enter your password.

How to login to Gmail account

Enter your password as shown below and click enter

How to login to Gmail account

Hurry! You are now logged in Gmail account.

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