Screen shots are simply images created by capturing either the entire or sections of a computer screen. They are a very important tool in the current digital world and mostly they are used to capture the error in a certain applications after which is sent to an IT expert who will often analyze it, troubleshoot and later fix the error completely.

Screen shots are also greatly used to explain a variety of steps or pin point a specific area of a computer window either through marking or painting on the them. They are very effective when illustrating step by step instructions to achieve a certain task in a computer. For example this article uses a variety of screen shots to make the steps as simple as possible to our readers. But how do you capture a section or a part of your computer screen? Below are the two ways.

1.Using print screen key on the keyboard

1.Open the window or application where you want to make the screen shot , if you want to capture your desktop then make sure no application is started.

2.Press the print screen key on the key board once .The captured image is now stored on the clipboard waiting to be pasted.

3.To see the screen shot simply open a blank page in Microsoft Word ,right click inside and then click paste. You can also click paste on the menu bar of Ms Word

4.If you wanted to share this image maybe to a person or save it on the computer, use an image editor like paint . Open paint and click paste on the menu bar. Your captured image will appear.

5.To save it on the computer go to file options on the menu bar and click either save or save as.

2.Using snipping tool

Snipping Tool is a Microsoft Windows screen shot utility. It can take still screen shots of an open window, rectangular areas, a free-form area, or the entire screen.

Step by step using snipping tool

  1. Start snipping tool application from windows apps. If not on the startup menu, type snipping at the search bar on the task bar
  2. Once started, the capture mode will be activated and a small window with new, mode, delay etc options. When you move the mouse pointer outside this window, it will change to a plus sign.
  3. To capture a section long press the left click , drug and then release to make a screen shot. Give it a file name of your choice and save in your preferred location in your computer.

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