Google pin is a great tool from Google Maps which  has become one of the popular web mapping platform in the world. Google maps offers you a variety of help through satellite imagery and aerial photography to have a view of streets, monitor real time traffic conditions and route planning for traveling by foot, car, air and public transportation.

It is one of the current technological trends used in transport to show, locate and share directions. Whether you are traveling by foot, you are using personal or a public means of transport you only need to know your destinations or location where you need to go and Google Map will help you with directions in which you will navigate through. That means that knowing the location of your destination is very key.

Your destinations may be varied. For example, a visit to certain offices in certain places, occasions and functions like parties in friends places. If you don’t know the specific places, you only need to ask your friend or the person that you will be meeting for that matter to send you a Google pin of their locations. You may also be receiving a friend or a colleague at your location on the other hand hence the skills needed to get and share the Google pin of your location is very essential.

The steps below guides you effectively on how to achieve that using your smart phone. You need to have Google Maps application installed on your phone. You can also use a browser installed on your phone to navigate to if you don’t have Google Maps as an app.

Using Google Maps to Share a Google Pin

1. Start Google Maps application from your smart phone

2. Tap on the button on your right hand side of your phone screen labeled ‘Your location’

3.The map will zoom to places near where you are located and a sky blue circle with a blue dot at the center will pop up

sky blue circle - Diyote

4.Touch and hold on this circle for a few seconds then release. A red Google pin will appear and several buttons at the bottom of your smart phone screen like directions, start and share.

Google pin Diyote

Ensure this pin is inside the circle. This is the pin of your location

5.To share the pin ,click on the share buttons at the bottom of your screen and choose the platform of your choice like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

share buttons diyote

6. Alternatively, you can also copy the link and share it to your preferred platforms

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