WhatsApp Messenger is an open source mobile application popularly installed in Android, Apple among other mobile platforms . The instant messaging application well known to run on smart phones is currently owned by newly formed Meta company formerly known as Facebook. WhatsApp will allow you to send messages inform of text and voice, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, among other content.

WhatsApp is very popular running on mobile phones and many smart phone users are aware of this. However, there are very few people who are aware that is actually possible to use WhatsApp right on your computer or your laptop for that matter and quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages just like on mobile phones. Yes, this is possible through WhatsApp Web, a web version of the application created by the same company. This method works in all computer platforms since it is web based and you only need to use a browser of your choice and have an Internet connection.

The steps below will guide you effectively on how to use WhatsApp Web right away on your computer. To succeed, make sure you have your smart phone near your computer and a working WhatsApp installed on it. Both your smart phone and your computer must have an Internet connection.

Step by step using WhatsApp Web

1.Start a browser of your choice on your computer and search WhatsApp Web as shown in the image below

searching WhatsApp Web-Diyote

2.After the search, several urls will appear. Click on the link shown on the image below

WhatsApp link-Diyote

3.After clicking the above link, you will be directed to WhatsApp Web home page as shown in the image below

WhatsApp Web home page- Diyote

4.Now take your phone, start WhatsApp application and click on the menu (3 vertical dots) on your right as shown on the image below

Vertical Menu- Diyote

5.Then click on Link A Device.

Link a device - Diyote

6.Draw your device pattern or put your pin to unlock your device. QR code Scanner screen will appear. Point this scanner to the QR code on your computer. Adjust your smart phone until the QR code on your computer fits inside the scanner on your smart phone.

QR Scanning-Diyote

7.A successful scanning will link your smart phone and your computer. It will be now possible to use WhatsApp on your computer.

whatsapp web after linking- Diyote

8.Be sure to log out when you are done for safety reason. You can do this either from your computer or your phone. Click 3 dots to see log out option

Log out menu- Diyote

9.Click log out and you are done.

click logout- Diyote


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