For a longer time I thought videos were only meant for fun or inspiration as seen in music and movies or perhaps the best way in which one would capture the most memorable moments and activities in his/her life. By then my thoughts were a little challenged until today’s current digital era of growing and popular social media and the greatly increasing advantages of videos. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and video sharing platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, and Netflix among many have more economic benefits to businesses than we think. We are in a digital era where almost everyone who wishes to do a quick showcase or a demonstration of their products runs to social media and in this case they would upload a video. or perhaps do a live stream.

Viewers in this case who can be targeted as audience or customers love the uploaded videos since most of them are humorous and appealing and show activities and events or perhaps what they wanted in real action. Social media like Facebook and YouTube have realized this and taken advantages of videos content as a great marketing tool for making money to them and for the businesses. The secret used is to allow the uploaded video go viral and have a good number of likes and views after which they tie business adverts to them in a way that everyone viewing or downloading them have to first see and click adverts that often redirect customers to landing pages and greatly convert to sales.

The uploaded viral videos are often short simple and humorous but most of times interrupted for a few seconds to feature products of a particular brand or even the entire video explain about the product. For example one would take advantage and use these videos to showcase their products and brands, demonstrate how their products work or explain why we would need their products among many other techniques that can be used.

Unarguably, videos are a way much ahead of others like text and images when comes to content marketing. Below are various advantages of videos that will make you immediately start using them as a tool of marketing.

Videos are more trusted

They showcase a product in real action, this makes customers build trust since they personally see how the product work. Many customers will definitely want to test the products before risking their money and since not many companies are willing to do this, a short video that will make customers confident and be convinced that they are not wasting their money will do the trick.

Videos save customers time

Watching a video explaining or giving information about a product will save customers time as compared to reading a text or images. Most internet users are busy and whenever they come to social media perhaps most do that as a break to relax their stuffy minds and feel a sense of social togetherness. A short humorous and funny video will seem saving their time when getting awareness on certain products.

Videos easily increase conversions and sales

A landing page that has a video about a product is more likely to convert to sales than mere text and images. This is simply from the trust and confidence built after seeing the product in which one is interested in working in real action.

Videos are more engaging

There are videos that will engage customers in real action, For example demo videos giving a quick demonstration how to use the product will make the interested customer follow every step as shown during demonstration. Instructional videos give step by step guide on how the product works. The instructor will always engage the audience and convince them to move together rest they miss a point. This engagement will not only keep the audience on the product but will also appeal him/her and eventually convert them to potential customers.

Videos rank high in search engines

Search engines are used to search content and information from the internet. These contents are in various forms like text, images, audio and videos. Well optimized videos have been seen by tech researchers and analysts to rank well and high in search engines like Google above other content. From the research, Google sees Videos to have better content hence boosting them above others. This means increased brand awareness which eventually will lead to increased sales since many internet users will come across your products.

Videos are easily shared across the social media

In pursuit for social friendship, social media users will always want to make their friends happy and laughing any time they themselves are happy or laugh. A funny humorous video does all this trick. These videos will easily be shared which later make them go viral and automatically lead to increased promotion of your products which are tied as adverts on this videos. Social media users innocently share the humour and laugh without realizing that they are equally sharing the products as well.

The above advantages of videos open our eyes as business men and women that video are not just for entertainment but very great tools for marketing and perhaps the best among the content marketing.

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